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His name is Kadour Ziani, and he’s from France by way of Algeria (don’t even get me started on the political ramifications of this wording—because I once, stupidly, read a 300 page book on Camus and Sartre, and I know more than I’d like about the problems in Algeria during the 20th Century).

According to the YouTube description, Kadour is supposedly 5’10” and has a 56 inch vertical,  The veracity of this claim doesn’t have the usual questionable glare of cyber claims, since there’s video. It’s from way back when, but it’s still fun to watch simply because the guy can dunk a basketball in a variety of different ways. Take note dunk contestants.  

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rudy dunks all over the heat pre lebron

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Stuntin’ on a Jumbotron

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Orlando Magic, forever.

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Blake’s dunk on Gallinari was one of those dunks that I couldn’t restrain myself after.

Beast Griffin

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has anyone actually seen this play on video?