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LeBron playing for EL Heat

I’m in awe of how far back he has pushed back his headband

One of the best blocks i’ve ever seen 


With all the Lebron no ring jokes this ones the funniest yet 

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they appear to be very close

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I think kevin durant knows what it is like to play with a teammate who takes questionable shots at the end og games. Udonis was given a good shot by LeBron that he is able to hit.


KD35: “I’d make the same play”

Sometimes it’s better to be the superstar who hasn’t gone to the NBA Finals (yet), who didn’t leave his team for another, who doesn’t have legions dissecting the moves he makes and also those he doesn’t.

Kevin Durant isn’t exactly low profile. But at least he can pass to a teammate on the last possession without being characterized as a loser.

“I saw that play,” Durant said, referring to LeBron James famously giving up the ball last weekend in Utah. “Udonis Haslem was wide open for a jumper that he usually makes. You know what? I’d make the same play. It was the right play. I’d have done the same thing. I can’t believe it was even an issue.”


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i saw this  dunk a few weeks ago and thought of the poster i had in my locker in middle school. 

Bomani on LeBron

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