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James Harden as a Mayan Priest by Joey Cienian.

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Michael Jordan glides in for a layup during the 2003 All-Star Game. Jordan, who started the game when Vince Carter gave up his starting spot, hit a baseline jumper with 4.8 second remaining in overtime to put the East up 138-136. Jermaine O’Neal ruined the fitting ending however, fouling Kobe Bryant on a three-pointer with one second left. When Bryant hit two of his three free throws, the game went to a second overtime for the first time in All-Star history. Kevin Garnett hit three jumpers in the post in the second bonus period and claimed the MVP honors as the West won 155-145. (Bob Rosato/SI)

GALLERY: Memorable All-Star Game Moments

Shaq swatted the shit outta this shot. 

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