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Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns


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why would u compare a 23 year old player in his first starts to a hall a fame talent what r u doing

"Canadian Jesus"


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canadian jesus had a 3:1 assist:to ratio playing in the same offense/coach/cast & amare
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In 2003 I was sure that Marbury and Francis were destined for greatness but it was Nash who developed into a hall of famer.

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steve nash is a tricky player



NBA Tumblr Top 10 Worst/Best Uniforms in the NBA



Those are some Hot Jerseys!

It’s unbelievable, but somehow the Phoenix Suns made a terrific looking jersey out of the colors purple, orange, white, and black.

Used for most of the 1990’s, the Suns jersey featured a basketball streaming across the right side of the front  before exploding into a fireball on the left side. It all seems like too much, but it actually worked out and is one of the most well-designed jerseys in NBA history.

The placement of the letters and numbers are interesting too with each of them surrounding the stream of fire that the basketball has left behind on the jersey.

Who knew that Charles Barkley could pull off purple?

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Nash behind the back

pick and roll

defenders have to play nash close because of his jumpshot

defenders have to play nash close because of his jumpshot