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MUST WATCH:  Golden State Warriors - NBA Forever

For all my Warriors followers in the Bay Area and worldwide, reader KJEstrada sent in his version of the NBA Forever campaign, highlighting the history of the Golden Staters.

If you think about it, when was the last time Golden State put a boring team out on the court?  For a small market, that’s a lucky fan base.

No GSW tribute would be complete without a highlight of the Sleepy Floyd Game, and KJ doesn’t disappoint.  Rick, Jamal, Sarunas, Manute, Gil, Baron, Stack Jack, Monta…they’re all here.  It’s enough to make a guy into a Warriors fan.



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I miss the Sonics

I miss the Sonics

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Matt Barnes dunking on Nowitzki

Monta with the Slam

Monta scoring on a reverse 

2002 Dunk contest

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"Jrich or die tryin"-SLAM

Jerry sloan was a tenacious defender

Monta  dribbling up the court

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